I have always believed that the path to a happy and healthy life style is to live and let live, ensuring we remove all negative and judgmental thoughts of others.

Once you have removed negative thoughts and emotions, the real fun starts… This is when you can focus on yourself and what makes you happy, as opposed to what makes you unhappy.

It all starts with decision making and positive intentions.

How many of you have said “the diet starts on Monday”, and by mid-day you are dunking biscuits in your tea?

You have today decided to join me on my journey, where you will be able to share with me my zest for life, passion for fitness and well-being, love of travelling, and contentment of living in a remote little village surrounded by the beautiful countryside.

Through my blogs you will get to see a side of me that not many people do. You will see the hidden depths of my character and that will hopefully inspire you to make the positive changes that you desire.

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